Our print publication focuses young, underground artists of all mediums from photography to recipes. Readers gain access to the next generation of up-and-coming artists, while these artists benefit from valuable, global exposure to assist in expanding their audiences and furthering their careers.

By Emma Sydney

creating  a positive feedback loop

As the Grøunders audience grows, we are able to assist our artists more, increasing their exposure and connecting them with like minded individuals that are interested in their work.

why does art matter?

Art has always been a reflection of society. By promoting the art of youth, we see their views and the complexity of growing up today. Reflecting on the beliefs and ideas of young creatives give readers insight into what the future holds.

how to get involved

Purchase a copy of Grøunders in The Market. This space also features clothing, prints, and publications by our featured artists. With 90% of the proceeds going back to the artist and the remaining 10% funded back into Grøunders so we can continue to grow, it is a great way to support young creators. 






the founders

Ashna Misra and Katrina Larson created Grøunders in February 2016 after realizing how many talent artists they knew. These people were being lost in the abyss that is Instagram and thus failed to get the recognition they deserved. Grøunders is their attempt at solving that problem and bringing talent to light. 

Now let us introduce you to the rest of the team.